Chattacon 2011

Aradani Studios is getting ready to start our convention season!

Chattacon 2011

We are packing up art and deciding what costume products to bring as I write this. Well, its early for us artists, we are drinking our coffee and about to start doing actual work. (Hey I stayed up to 1am working on my Tron jacket, I deserve to sleep in late!)

Paul, Sara and I will all be showing in the art show, and we will be in the dealers room with costumes and art as usual. Paul and I will also be participating in the panel where we will be drawing creatures and then the drawings will be sold for charity.

For costumes, we will have our normal assortment of elf ears, fangs and textile costumes. We will have some of our Highwaymen Surcoats for sale, and also a nice sampling of our geek chic dice jewelry and weapons.

If you are near Chattanooga this weekend be sure to come visit!