Connooga and beyond

So we had a blast as always at Connooga, the room parties were crazy this year. We were glad to get to hang out with some old friends and become better friends with others. Me and Paul were on a couple of good art panels and got to chill with some great artists, Mark Helwig, Larry Elmore, and Billy Tackett.Me and Laura

Me and Laura heading into the Bellydancing panel in our Steampunk costumes. she is trying out the new contacts she got at the show.

If anyone is on the fence about attending Connooga next year… do it!  Everything was great, good panels, good parties, great dealers room, and great guests.

Next we are working on getting ready for MidSouthCon. At this con me and paul have aton of panels, as well as hosting the Saturday night dance party.

On a costuming side, I am working on my second set of steampunk wings and a female version of the jungle cat prosthetic which is similar to a Avatar Navi.

New painting by me:


And I relaunched my portal site:

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