Around the Studio – March 2010

So as usual I am deep in the middle of 10 projects and I figured I would share what all is going on at Aradani.

First are my new paintings:


This one is for a contest I am in. Always cool to have a chance to paint a half scorpion half woman.

killerrobotThis one is called: Give Peace a Chance; Don’t Let Robots Kill Innocents. Fun image, sad thought.

Next, I got to test out some of our Silicone paints. Painted up some of a Pavi Surgical Masks.


It is a bit hard to work with, it likes to slide around too much. Guess I am spoiled with oil paints.

Next is our Female Jungle Cat mask after many requests. This is a smaller version of my original jungle cat, which many people want for their future Na’vi costumes. Still needs some touch ups, but it will be ready soon.


And I am also preparing molds for 4 new styles of latex glue on horns. One of them has folded over torn flesh at the base to make it easier to blend in to the skin.

These will be posted as soon as they are pulled from the mold.


So now I am off to Alice in wonderland… I am sure there are some costumes there for me and Laura to make.


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