Updates: Chattacon, new art, masks, ect.

So we had a blast at Chattacon. It was so good to see all of our friends, Robin and Andrew from Faerystone Creations, the Hypericon Crew, and all the rest. Both nights we partied like satyrs on a midsummer night, and got to wear some of our newer costumes. Paul won People’s Choice in the Art Show, and I won best Fantasy costume in the masquerade.

You can find pictures of our adventures here: http://aradani.com/photogallery/thumbnails.php?album=54

I am also working on a bunch of new projects. The Jungle cat mask (for Avatar Na’vi costumes that everyone is asking about) is finished, the silicone is curing in the mold right now. The latex version is finished as well. Tomorrow we are having some snow (hopefully) so besides taking some costume pics out in the weather, I will be taking photos of those new masks.

The old Myrddraal mask

I have also decided to redo my Eyeless mask. Though it was well received at conventions , online some people have been vocal (sometimes too vocal and vulgar) on how they were unhappy with it. I was thinking of redoing the mask anyways, but the critiques as well as being invited to Jordancon I started the resculpt. It actually went by very quickly and besides a few tweaks I think I am almost ready to mold it. The biggest complaint was the brow on the old mask. People quoted Jordan as saying the Myrddraal’s eyes were smooth like an egg.  Apparently, they think that the entire upper head is smooth, some even arguing that there is no nose. The quotes “a dead-white sweep of skin where eyes should be”, “From oily black hair to puffy cheeks … as smooth as an eggshell.” So with these quotes people think that there is no brown at all. I would point to the Great Hunt: “Its’ pasty pale face, a man’s face, but eyeless as an egg, like a maggot in the grave.”  I feel if it is a man’s face, it is a normal face, just minus the eyes. So anyways, I still was not happy with the old seams on the sculpt, so the new one has the seams along the hairline as well as below the chin. The middle seams goes along the edge of the nose and around the mouth.

Myrddraal eyeless silicone mask 2010
Myrddraal eyeless silicone mask 2010

As you can see in the photo, I still left some wrinkles at the top of the nose. This gives it some character, and some emotion, as well as giving me a small area underneath to leave open so I would have a little more area to see out from (the old mask only left a pinhole to see out of). This mask will be in production soon.

As far as art, I have been reworking one painting for a while now, it is about a quote I heard on the radio, saying that suffering is divine, it brings us closer to god. So therefore healthcare for all takes suffering away from the poor, which in turn takes away their road to heaven. It tore me up so badly, I immediately started sketching this painting. This painting is about anyone who uses their power and station for selfish reasons and does not care for those around them who need help.


I am also working on a painting for an internet art challenge, mixing in some of my views on the destruction of nature, as well as part of the myth of Kaldrath, a character from my fiction. It is only in the early stages, so don’t judge it yet!


And finally two funny pictures.


And finally my cat Booty (like pirate treasure) thinks she is a gargoyle.


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