Work in Progress. Final piece

Day Final

final piece

So here it is, the finally piece of art. I finished it right before New Year’s, so thankfully, it took less than a year to complete… though barely. I also submitted it to Spectrum. *crosses fingers* It will beĀ  few months before I hear from them. It is also up on epilogue, elfwood, and deviant art. It was a Moderator’s Choice on Elfwood. Exciting.

Changes since the last post… I went in on the front reflection and added some other lines and highlights. The front just wasn’t bright enough.

After talking to some people who still didn’t understand the “crown” part of the tower, I got rid of it. It is gone, nothing more. This gave me more space in the background to provide references for where this is. I added more to the perimeter wall surrounding the tower (think Isengard layout). I also added some windows to the perimeter wall and guard tower to give a sense of distance and scale. Light cast from these windows can be seen on the ground inside the perimeter.

Finally I finished the ground behind the wizard, which provided a nice contrast to the white light on the opposite corner.

Well, there you have it. The diary is complete. Please let me know if I should do something like this with my next few pieces. Or if it was just too boring to see how ridiculously slow I work on art.