New Uteria Art

First finished drawing of Reaver. This is a drawing of a Reaver, or a Baakmor in Uterian elvish. It is a creature from my own fantasy world of Uteria. They were created by crossing avian and dragon blood. They often serve as scouts or assassins for the darker forces of Uteria.

Work in Progress: A long time coming

Day 8 (the hand), 9 (the gun), & 10 (the reflection)
Wizard Art
Wizard Art

So it has been a long, long time since I posted up a progression of the Wizard piece. I apologize for that. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time to post something, it was that I didn’t have time to draw! It wasn’t until after Halloween that I got a chance to make some new art. I have been trying to work at least one day a week on the piece, and it is almost done.

Day 8, hands and sleeve
So I darkened the inside of the sleeve, changed the perspective on the burn on the left side of the sleeve (right hand side of picture), and added a hole to the other side, with smoke coming up. The perspective on the hole was way off. It looked almost straight on, when it should be dramatically foreshortened due to the angle of the sleeve.

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New costumes and articles!

Today we posted articles about some of Laura’s new costumes. Arwen Evenstar – Red Dress “V” Visitors Peace Ambassadors Jacket As well as the ability to purchase the new Space Consul Uniform.

Winter Solstice Sale!

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New in the studio

Just wanted to post a couple of pictures showing whats been happening in the studio. We have been enjoying many art and beer nights here, with many friends dropping in to make art and , of course, drink some beer. This has lead to many projects being worked on. Here are three: Close up of … Read more