Projects at Aradani

We have been busy since Halloween ended. We celebrated the end of our busy time with a massive party at the studio. You can find pictures from the night here. Aradani Halloween 09 Laura is working on a lot of costumes. She just finished the red and blue Arwen dress (pictures coming soon), modified a […]

DragonCon 09

Well we are getting real close to heading out for ATL and the best show of the year. In the Dealers room we will be in the same spot, which is tables F18 and 19. Dealers Room Layout Paul will be in the Art Show Roolm selling our work. Yep our work, I am back […]

GenCon Photos 2009

We just got back from GenCon and what a trip! Here are photos that we took and found on other people’s sites! Found at Elf Costumes from Thursday Steampunk Costumes from Friday Steampunk Costumes from Sunday Mike making a silly face For more pictures of us, look at the Aradani Photo Gallery or click […]

So many new costume items and accessories!

This summer has been so busy with making new items to be brought to you soon on the website as well as at GenCon and DragonCon. We have new longer silicone ear tips made off of the high elf latex ear design. Mike and I have been working on an alien silicone full head prosthetic. […]

Work in Progress: A few missing days.

The image that you are seeing is what I classify as Day 6 and 7. I know that I missed a few updates on this news feed, and I apologize. If anyone would like the details on days 2 through 5, just let me know, and I will post them here as well. Day 6 […]

Steampunk Accessories!

We are starting to update our steampunk section and have added different types of goggles and more! We have also added masks: As well as some Airship Wings! We are adding new things as fast as we can make them. Soon we will be adding bustles and neck corsets!

S.S. Aradan At Dragoncon!

So we have decided that Friday night is going to be the night we do the fantasy Steampunk group. We will all be from the City of Alvaron and traveling on the SS Aradan, our own Zeppelin Airship. If you would like to join us stay tuned because we will be posting more information! -Michael […]