Battle Queen Zelda

Battle Queen Zelda Costume

This is my “Battle Queen Zelda” costume that I made last summer (2015). I made it in about three and a half weeks. I had really been wanting to make a full worbla armor set, and Zelda was the character I settled on for my first worbla armor. I had worked with worbla before, but […]

How to apply your elf ears.

How to Apply Costume Elf Ears by AradaniApply Costume Elf EarsChoosing your skintoneThere are two main choices you need to make when purchasing your first pair of elf ears, your preferred style of ears and what color best matches your skintone. The former we can’t help you with, that is your decision. I can however […]

warcraft movie elves

Elves in the World of Warcraft movie!!!

So we have been pretty bummed at Aradani. With the approaching theatrical release, we have wondered where are the elves in the World of Warcraft movie? So far the only evidence of an elf was a single credit on IMDB:Christian Sloan…High Elf DelegateWhich is listed below someone credited as “Indecisive Woman”, so I had little hope […]