Upcoming costumes for Dragoncon 2013. (Mike and Laura)

So we have started planning (well it started  awhile back, but we are now making final decisions) or Dragoncon Costumes for this year.

Here is a list of the costumes I am planning:

  • World of Uteria – Battle Satyr – I am adding some ringmail and some new make up to this costume. I am also redoing his weapons and making them out of wood.
  • Defiance Irathient- I am doing full spirit rider armor and a new prosthetic for this.
  • Shadowrun Decker – In honor of Shadowrun Returns coming out, I am making a decker costume. Taking the stuff I learned from my tron costume and applying it to another.



  • World of Uteria Wild Elf – We are adding a head dress and making a new staff for this costume.
  • Defiance Irisa – Laura has really been wanting to cosplay Irisa! Full costume, plus a custom prosthetic.
  • Daenarys – Laura has done a Game of Thrones Cosplay for the past few years, and she plans on doing on from Season 3 as well!


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