Steampunk Blaster Gun Kickstarter

So I am finally getting around to molding my Steampunk Gun. This is a way to preorder the gun at up to 40% off! After the preorder the plain cats gun will run $25 and the finished painted model will run $35. Not only did I use this for my steampunk airship mechanic, I have […]

Article about Us, Chattacon and Connooga!

Our friend Michael Crumb, who writes for the Chattanooga Pulse, has written an article about the great conventions that happen in Chattanooga and gave Paul and I quite a shout out. Here is a snippet and a link to the full article: “The poster for the upcoming Con Nooga (Chattanooga’s increasingly popular “other” multi-fandom convention happening Feb. […]

Starting to Chilly Down

So I know that many of you are aware that it takes some time for me to complete (or even start) projects, both costumes and artwork. Sometimes I need a little push, and with Missy working on her Junk Lady costume from Labyrinth, that got me going on my Firey costume. Finally! Here are some […]