Illuxcon IV 2011 review over at Conspyer

So I just got back from Illuxcon and wanted to write down my experiences while they are fresh in my mind.


We left early on Thursday, which was also my birthday, so I wasn’t really looking forward to a 12 hour car journey… but I was traveling with Grant Cooley and he had planned ahead and packed some good traveling audio books and some live metal concert CD’s.  We had some good talks as well and the 12 hours passed quickly.  During the trip, my throat started to get a little rough, but I passed it off as an after effect of lots of talking.  We arrived at the Ramada, checked in, and went to Red Lobster to enjoy a very large meal.  I even allowed Grant and my brother to have the wait staff sing Happy Birthday to me.  Normally I will leave the restaurant during such shenanigans, but then I would be stuck in Altoona with no way back to the hotel.  So I swallowed my pride and let them have their laugh at me.

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