Questions about the Silicone Wasteland Mask for a Defiance Irathient

Hi I’m working on my cosplay of Rynn from Defiance for San Diego Comic Con and i want to buy the prosthetic you made but i was wondering if you could answer a few questions i had?

As someone who’s never used a silicon prosthetic before which adhesive would you suggest i use? Regarding skin-tite I don’t have overly oily skin but if anything my forehead does get a little oily after aw while in the day so I’m not sure if it would stay on throughout the day.

Regarding paint or makeup i was thinking of using Wolfe FX Hydrocolour but it’s a water based makeup. I saw that you suggested alcohol based makeup but as of right now i don’t have a airbrush machine,¬† although i want to get one in the future. Do you think the Wolfe makeup could still work? I saw reviews that it stays better throughout the day as opposed to Mehron and Ben Nye.

Also Rynn has a scar on her forehead in the tv show, which is where the prosthetic would be, would i be able to use scarring liquid and if so do you know of a brand that would work on silicon?

Sorry for all of the questions! Thanks ahead of time for your help on this!!


We will always answer any questions you have!

First I would suggest to read over our two pages about silicone Prosthetics:

We have up until now used mainly Skin Tite for applying silicone. After this last years Dragoncon, when I had so many problems with the Skin tite curing, I started looking for a different option. I am leaning towards Pros-Aide at the moment. I have not used it long term on the floor of any convention yet, but in the studio it has tested very well. I also experimented with Creme Pros Aide as a bondo to fill in seams on a latex prosthetic with great results. This will also work on Silicone. We don’t have the Creme in stock yet, but we plan to have it in very soon.

Also, Pros Aide is small and portable enough (and doesn’t need a part a and b mix) so if it does start to come off, you can step to the side for repairs while still on the floor.

I am not sure how Wolfe FX Hydrocolour would stick to the silicone, but as long as you don’t touch it very much it might be ok. I may email Wolfe FX and ask them what their experience is.

Not all alcohol based make ups need an airbrush, some are more like a water color, just with alcohol instead. When doing brush-on make up I use Skin Illustrator from FX Warehouse.¬†Though I haven’t used it, I have heard that Michael Davy’s Silicolor works really well on silicone to real skin transition coloring!

We used Graftobian FX Air make-up on all the Irathient’s from last year and it stayed on all night. And that is a alcohol based make-up.

The only problem I see with any water based make-up is that each time you go over it with a sponge or brush, it will probably rub off the layer below.

For traveling, we picked up an airbrush compressor from Harbor Freight and a small airbrush from Amazon, and it has been great for on site make up jobs. It’s not the best, but it is a good affordable entry point.

As for the scar, when I did Sukar’s scar, I just took some small cuticle scissors and cut away the silicone. It looked really good. I don’t think scarring liquid would work, silicone is a little too dense for that.

Hope that answered everything,

– Michael Bielaczyc


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