I got your Silicone Dwarf Ears, how do I use them?

I got your Silicone Dwarf Ears, how do I use them?

Hello and thanks for being one of the first people to own our Silicone Dwarf Ears!

This is an all new venture for us, because before now, we have only cast very small elf ears in silicone. So while we have ideas on how to make things work, there may be some questions that you have that we have not experienced before. If so, please email right away so we can answer them.

First you should familiarize yourself with Silicone Appliances. Please visit:


For answers about painting Silicone Appliances visit here:


We have already tinted and painted your Dwarf Ears before shipping. Once you receive them, if you would like to add to the color, you can use a variety of techniques. The two main techniques is using theatrical makeup (it has a much more opaque coverage than standard beauty make-up). This can be found at most theatre and costume shops. What you are looking for is RMG (Rubber Mask Grease Paint) makeup. This is a really great make up, the only problem is it won’t last. Nothing sticks to silicone but other silicone. So it will provide coverage, but if you rub it, the makeup will smear off.

The other choice is Alcohol activated make -up. This is a little harder to find, but I order mine from FX Warehouse. It is also a little on the more costly side, but it works a lot like watercolors, and you can add layers to your appliance. The drawback is that after  awhile it will crack and peel off of the prosthetic.

We have included both Skin Tite and pros-aide for attaching the ears. Use the Skin Tite to blend in the edges and the pros aide to adhere them to your own ears. I hope to have a small video up on our youtube channel before Dragoncon.

Thanks and if you have any questions, feel free to email us!


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