Connooga 2015

We just got back from Chattanooga and we had a great time at Connooga 2015! As many already know, the highlight for the ladies of Aradani was the media guest, Nicholas Brendon. He was giving free hugs at the convention and would come over to Aradani to give Sara and Laura hugs. (He gave Paul […]

2014 Contest Winners!

It took a bit longer than we though, but we finally have all the judging finished, and we have some winners! 1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place   We had many great submissions, and we want to thank everyone who participated! Here is a full gallery of all the contest submissions: [Show as […]

Link’s scarf

  Guess who has something geeky to wear out on the town! Now I just need to keep working on the rest of the Hyrule Warriors Link outfit. You can see how we made the scarf in detail here or just click the image.

Silicone Ear photos – unblended.

We had so many people who liked our photos yesterday, we wanted to show what the ears look like with no blending. These are up close photos with no Pros Aide blending. The seams are pretty evident, but from 5 feet away, they still look great! We also used Paul’s ear, because it is larger […]

New photos up for the Small Silicone Elf Ears

Hey everyone! I made a couple of small changes to the small silicone ear tips to make them more consistent when we pull them from the molds. So I took some new photos! These were applied with Pros Aide and blended with cream Pros Aide. Make up touch ups were done with RMG make […]

Get ready for the final Hobbit movie!

Until Peter Jackson starts working on his 37 Simarillion movies, this may be the last Lord of the Rings movie in theaters! And don’t go unprepared! We are having a sale on all things dwarf.   To get your 25% off, use coupon code: 5armies Products on sale: The sale will run until the end […]