MidSouthCon 33

We made it back from Memphis, and man today is so different than this weekend. Sunny and warm, while it seemed Memphis had been moved to Scotland this last weekend! But that didn’t stop MidSouthCon from rocking.

We had all the normal things going on – art show, dealers room, and some (or maybe many) adult libations. We were split this year, Aradani had one room and Lone Wanderer Entertainment had another room. That way we could fit everyone! Sam Flegal came down to speak on the World of Uteria panel, and also to spread his art to the fine city of Memphis. We had a great panel on game and world building, I think everyone who attended was entertained. Melissa Gay was also in the mix (as the Art Guest of Honor no less) so we had almost the whole Uteria crew at the con.

Paul was in the Masquerade wearing the Ice King mask I sculpted, which was a big hit. When they announced him, the whole crowd started chanting “Ice King, Ice King”, and when he got out on the stage he asked if there were any princesses around, the auditorium was filled with yells and cheers. It would have melted the real Ice King’s heart. Of course I had to then come out on stage (dressed as Barbarian Finn) and point him off to stage left.


We were also in the Iron Artist panel and made a couple pieces of art that sold for charity. Always nice to give back a little. I heard my Dr Who painting went for a nice pile of pennies.


On Sunday we started the day with a Props panel with the Costuming guest of honor – Dragon Dronet. We tossed out some knowledge, exchanged some ideas with the others and everyone left happy.

paulatproppanel proppanel

We finished the show by attending a panel with Ethan Siegal, – rock star scientist, minotaur, and sometimes Zangief; who was a very entertaining panelist discussing Parallel Universes. If he is ever as a show, be sure to attend. You can also follow his blog by clicking his image below!



But now, back to the real world, that of painting dragons and making elf ears. Another great year at Midsouthcon, and we can’t wait for the next!