As anyone who has met us at a show, you know that we can match any skintone out there. What many online customers don’t know is that we can also match your skintone with purchases from our online store.

We have three basic tones (Light, Medium, and Dark) which come close to matching most people’s skin, but with a photo we can match it to your exact tone. To do this, just select “Custom Color (Email Photo)” and then send us a photo to . 



We will be doing a video soon showing the best way to take a photo of your ear for color matching. The main thing to remember when taking your photo is to do it in a well lit room or outside on a cloudy day. Do NOT use the flash. Afterwards, go to a mirror and compare the photo to your reflection. Our matching is only as good as your photo!


**We can only do this for natural skin tones. When you are doing a costume and needing a color like green or purple, it is best to use the same make up on your skin and elf ears so that way it matches exactly. We can cast the elf ears in a custom color to make coloring easier, and that is at no extra cost.