Sizing for your Mask Armor

Sizing Mask Armor Mask armor comes in two sizes, Small and Large. These should fit almost all faces and smiles. To make sure you request the correct size, you can do a quick measurement at home. Take a flexible measuring tape and measure from the front of your ear, over your nose, to the other […]

What is Mask Armor?

When Covid19 all started to get very serious Aradani was at PensaCon. Reports of people in WA and NY having it and spreading it was fresh on our mind. We went to Walmart to buy extra hand sanitizer and gloves (it was all so new, all the shelves were still stocked). Now we are 6 […]

Elf Ears at Ten Ren

So who is Aradani?

During a time like this, we are all looking at ourselves and the world around us. We are reevaluating what is important to us and what is valuable to the world. As I ordered a pick up order of groceries, I looked at my bill and realized that there was nothing like Elf Ears on […]

Positions Needed for AradaniCon

We need the following volunteer positions* filled for AradaniCon. Head of Costuming Jobs Recruit cosplayers to do panels for the con. Organize their panels and submit for the schedule. Be the contact between the panelists and Aradani. Head of Art Filled – Paul Bielaczyc Jobs Recruit artists to do panels for the con. Organize their […]