A customer contacted us about needing some elf ears for a Youtube review on a Legacy longbow. He felt that since he was reviewing a longbow around Christmas time, that it would be appropriate to be dressed as an elf. We just wanted to say thanks to Charlz9mm for the great review and talking about […]

Silicone Mask – The Demon

Some of you may remember this guy from a few months ago when I first sculpted him. Ok, ok, it’s been almost a year. Well, we have been so busy at the shop that we have not had time to get photos and get him on the store for sale. Today I decided to use some old Ecoflex […]

“The Tank” (again)

So I am just in love with the new van. Yesterday my dad stopped by to check out the new company purchase and he dug it as well. I snapped another quick photo of it, pristine and new, before we start adding graphics to it. Nothing too gaudy (unless you count yin yang wolves and […]

Introducing “the Tank”

One of the big problems with being a retail shop on the road is getting from place to place with all your stock, employees, and doing it in style. Well the old van was starting to show its age (but hey, its still running well for 280,000 miles), so we started looking into new options. […]