Uber Link from The Legend of Zelda

What makes Link more amazing and awesome? How about adding a black cloak and a black war skirt? Yeah, that should do it. When at a show, I deem this Royal Garb Link, what he would wear after rescuing Zelda and attending a royal ceremony celebrating his victory. Nothing feels more amazing than walking down […]

Wheel of Time costumes on Tor.com

Thanks to my friend Paige that pointed this out to me. We were featured on the front page of tor.com for our Wheel of Time cosplay! A few weeks ago we did a photoshoot with Dim Horizons, the same studio that did this beautiful Bioshock photoshoot. My friend Cliff was putting together a group shoot, and […]

Brothers Barbarian Season 2

So last year we worked on the Brothers Barbarian, doing all the the prosthetics for the orcs and some make-up. This year Ken Whitman (Russ the Barbarian and Executive producer) has asked us to do the orcs again! We are currently working on 15 masks for all the orcs in Season 2. But the Brothers […]