Work in Progress: Daily Updates on Final Painting

So I finally was able to start my painting. Here is the first day of working on the project. I like how I say first day, when it is obvious that I have spent many, many long hours working on this project to get to this point.

Unlike when using oils or acrylics, I don’t feel that it is really effective to do a pre-painting with pastels. Oftentimes with oils, you paint a base layer of everything in the scene, and then continue to come back again and again, refining and detailing until you are finished. With pastels, I find it much better to work on an area until finished… or as finished as it can be for the time being, and then moving on to another area or section. You will also notice that I start in the upper left corner and work towards the bottom right corner. This is to prevent smudging of stuff you have already drawn.

I have gotten in many arguments with people about whether pastel artwork is classified as a painting or drawing. Well, when I apprenticed with A.B. Word, she told me that it is painting, and that is what I believe. Here are some articles that support my beliefs, Pastel Painting versus drawing and Pastel International. Of course, that second one is for a Pastel Association. That is like listening to the corn industry tell me with ads on tv that high fructose corn syrup is good for me.

Anyway, this is the first pass on the hat and background. There are 2 main light sources in this image, one is the wizard’s right hand, which is leaning on the tower floor. This is a subtle bluish light. The other light source is from his evil brother, who stands before him and is reflected in the face of the gun.

Just for clarification, which hopefully will be more evident as I draw this, but the wizard has dropped to his knees high atop a wizard’s tower (think Orthanc from LotR). He has pulled forth a six shooter from his robes, to deliver the “final blow” to his evil brother, who stands above him gloating as he is about to defeat his sibling. The large brick of gray to the right of the gun is a spire, rising up from the tower’s roof (think Orthanc).

Please give me feedback, suggestions, etc. And look forward to Day 2 soon.

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