Elara the Wilde Elf

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Wilde Elves, or Anarvari, live in the dust plains that stretch across the center of Uteria. They are a tribal people, but they respect each others and the other races of Uteria.

Elara left her tribe to travel with Jarin Plainswalker as he tried to recover the lost lore of the Elves of Uteria. When Jarin was lost to the Orovari of the North, she experienced a calling during her sadness, and traveled Southeast to find the tower of the Elves of Aradan. There she met others who had also experienced this calling.

Elara is a Wilde Elf shaman, whose magic is derived from the element of fire.

Photos from the Midsouthcon 2013 Masquerade:

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Dragoncon 2012:

Dragoncon 2012

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