World of Uteria Costumes

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The World of Uteria is a dark fantasy world created by Michael Bielaczyc and Dane Clark Collins. The Aradani Crew has long planned on creating costumes from the world, and now it is finally happening!

The History of the Elves of Aradan:

The Elves of Aradan were those who answered the call to defend the Aradan Kingdom from the northern forces of the sorcerous King Baleband. They signed a pact to defend the people of Aradan now and in the future against those who would oppose them. Members of each elven culture joined with the Aradani to try and halt the advancement of the forces of darkness from the North.

The Elves of Aradan who first came to the Calling in the 4th Age.


Other World of Uteria Costumes:

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