Twisted Steampunk Wizard of Oz


Designed and Created by: Michael and Paul Bielaczyc, Laura Jones, Missy Gaithright, Phillip Schultz

Article Written by: Michael Bielaczyc


This is a little late in publishing, but I realized yesterday that we had never made a page about our Twisted Wizard of Oz Costumes. Originally, it started out with Missy and Cindy’s Steampunk Witch and Dorothy at Congolmeration in 2010. I really wanted to make a silicone full head mask, so I decided i wanted to do a creepy scarecrow. As the idea developed, we added the Victorian twist to the already twisted and came up with a Twisted Steampunk Wizard of Oz.


  • Dorothy – Missy
  • Flying Monkey – Laura
  • Tin Man – Paul
  • Scarecrow – Mike
  • Lion – Phillip
  • The Wizard – Grant
We never got formal photos in these costumes, so sadly all we have are random shots from the floor of the Marriott.

The whole crew, ready to go down that dark yellow road.


Paul as the Steampunk Tin Man… or should he have been a Brass Man?

Me as the Scarecrow

Close up of the mask. Cast in Ecoflex Silicone from Smooth on, and hand painted with alcohol based paints.

Laura as the flying monkey. Those wings were crazy big and kept putting out everyone’s eyes. Evil monkey!

Here is the mask before it was stained. Laura hand formed it in leather and sculpted the teeth from translucent sculpey.


Estimated Time spent on costume: Unknown
Debuted at: Dragoncon 2010
Awards: Missy – Best Witch Conglomeration


Products used:


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