Tron Legacy: Virus Program

Hey all, I wanted to post something about my Tron: Legacy Virus Costume.

I started out reluctantly, but then I was fully pulled into all that is tron costume making. I settled on a green virus program because I wanted to be a little different and since I was on a budget (which was completely blown), an exact movie replica didn’t seem the way to go.
I had a vest and idea. I bought my faux leather vest at Express a while back and I had only worn it a few times. It zipped up diagonally across the chest so the first thing I did was get rid of the zipper. I bought some wide Velcro and secured it to the vest so that it could close without the zipper. I also found some shiny black leggings for about $5 at some cheap jewelry and accessory store, either an Icing or an Afterthoughts or something like that. Some other things I purchased were black fun foam and smoke black plastic from the fabric store. I got some light up shoe strings from Amazon and I was ready to create version one of this costume, Green Show Strings.
I made the panels and the shoulder pieces out of the foam and sewed the smoke black plastic on over the shoulders to give it a more reflective look. I used superglue to secure all the pieces to the vest. You have to be careful doing that though, because the super glue can leave behind a funky white crust. I made holes in the pieces and the vest to weave the light up laces through. I also put the light up shoe laces through existing elements in the vest such as the pockets to incorporate them into the design. I recently added the  Light Tape to the front panel, similar to what Paul used on his CLU costume, and I think it really adds to the costume. The final vest:

I found some awesome shoes on a stripper heels website. They were a little more expensive than I had planned for, but they were too perfect to pass up. This site, Exotic High Heels, had the best price I could find on these beauties.

I made my skirt out of the same smoke black plastic I used on the shoulder pieces. It was surprisingly simple since the plastic pretty much sticks to itself. I cut a very large triangle and then wrapped it around my body. with the vest over the top it stayed on pretty well. If it gets wrinkly, all you have to do is just hit it with the hair dryer on a low setting. Try not to melt it but this should smooth things out.

I anticipated that staying vertical in such bad ass shoes might be a problem. Necessity is the birth of invention so I decided to add a prop. I got a clear acrylic cane from this website.
Paul added some black designs he made from Avery labels and a razor blade, and I filled it with 22 inch, extra wide green glow sticks  and here it is.

Finally Paul modded a Tron: Legacy toy disc with lime EL Wire from ELWirePros and some green LED strips from eBay for the last piece.

That’s all I have. Here are some more pictures of the finished costume. See you at Dragoncon!

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