Stargate Atlantis – Wraith Costume

How to have a true Hollywood style FX mask .
Stagarte Atlantis – Wraith

  • Designed by: (Mask) Michael Bielaczyc, (Leather costume and wig) Jen
  • Article Written by: Michael Bielaczyc


Customers of ours are always trying to make their costumes look as good as their video game or Hollywood counterparts. This is quite a tall order, seeing that in real life we are at a disadvantage, no special lights or cameras, no special angles to hide things, and not having a costumer / make up specialist following us around touching up things every few minutes.

This is the closest thing to a true Hollywood style mask I have done yet. Jen commissioned me two years ago to do a full head silicone mask for her Wraith costume. I sculpted it on a generic head form, cast it, and took it to Dragoncon 09. Sadly because it was made with a generic form, it was way too loose on her and unworkable. I ended up doing an on the spot job with skin tite silicone adhesive to create an effect for that night. I told her if she wanted the most professional mask she could get, I needed a cast of her face. We get a lot of requests for custom stuff, but rarely does someone actually pull through with a commission. But Jen did. A month later I had a ultracal cast of her face and we were ready to go.

The mask was sculpted in oil clay, then molded, and finally cast in Smooth On Dragonskin FX Pro with a small amount of white and green to give it a slightly green hue.

wraith wraith2 jen_wraith

  • Estimated Time spent on costume: (Mask) 10 hours
  • Debuted at: Dragoncon 2010
  • Awards:

Products used: Aradani Alien Silicone Mask

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