Legend of Zelda, Link from Skyward Sword

Costume designed  and constructed by Laura Jones

Link Costume from Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword Link

There are a few differences between this and our Twilight Princess costume. First the Twilight Princess tunic is made out of Cotton Velvet, while this one is made from Linen and cotton.

The neckline and the accessories are a little modified. There are no cross stitches and the neckline is a v shape. I guess Skyward Link is a little trendier with his deep v. The pants are a little baggier on this version as well.

We are often asked which elf ears are best with Link. Well it depends on the game. For Skyward sword, Paul thought that our large elf ears looked better than the small anime ones he normally wears when cosplaying Link.

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