by Michael Bielaczyc

So now that everyone knows that we can do a custom color match to the elf ears you order, we wanted to talk about photographing your ears. First there is a little color lesson. (See art school does pay off!)

When we color your ears we need to know two different things, one is the hue (the base color) and the second is the value (light to dark). 

These two basic things then allow us to tweak the color until it matches you perfectly.

Three Basic Colors

Our three basic color options. Each of these comprises of at least 3 different make ups to match the common elements in each person’s ears, a light tone in the top front, a mid tone middle, and a dark blush tone along the back.

3 Values

Removing the color shows the basic values. sometimes you can match the color, but if the value is wrong the elf ears still won’t look right.

Lighting and Photos

DON’T Be backlit.

A classic problem with photos. We have no idea what to paint the ears… gray?

DO be aware of reflective light.

You can see the pink reflecting on the front of her face easily, but it is also reflecting along the front of the upper part of her ear. Bright clothing with strong hues can tint your ears, so dark colors are best.

Sara couldn’t stop laughing after she saw her face in the last photo, so I had to share her smile in this one.

DON’T shoot outside in full sun.

Over lit images blow out the color and give us no information. Bright sun or flash photography can do this. According to this photo Paul’s ears are almost white. Also, he was feeling quite tortured by forcing him out into the daylight, and no one wants to feel like that!

DO compare the photo to your reflection in a well lit mirror and make sure they match.

Brian compares the photo he took of his ear to his reflection. When he took the photo it was out in our main area that was lit by florescent lights and it had a blue tone, in the bathroom it had a warmer cast. No photo will ever reflect your skintone perfectly, but you can get it pretty close!

Things to Remember

The ears will never match completely in every lighting situation. For photos and film, you often have to paint them a little more red or they will look “dead” on film or photo. In some cons the lighting has a yellow tint, others a blue tint, and both change the way the ears and make-up look.

Your skin is translucent and full of color, and there is no way to completely replicate that in real life. We can get it as close as possible, and believe me, everyone is just going to love you as a person with pointed ears!