Dragon Age II Hawke Costume

Dragon Age 2 – Hawke

Designed by: Michael Bielaczyc
Created by:
Article Written by: Michael Bielaczyc


Things to do:

  • Metal Armor
  • Chainmail
  • Leather Armor
  • Staff
  • Pants
  • Red Shirt
  • Leather Vest
  • Leather Belt
  • Pouches
  • Skirt
  • Fur
  • Gloves

Being a big fan of the first Dragon Age, when I saw this costume in the teaser trailer for DA2, I immediately knew i would be doing it as a costume.

The first part I wanted to tackle was the armor. I was having a hard time deciding what to make it out of, but I settled on doing a cardboard under support and then covering it with Smooth on Shell Shock Plastic. The first piece I got in the right shape was the shoulder, made out of 3 simple cardboard pieces.


I then covered it in the shell shock to see if this was going to work for most of the armor.


It’s been a while since I had time to work on this project, but as Dragon Con approaches, I need to get this costume done! So time for some late nights. Luckily, I have my new studio sorta set up at the new house which includes a large work space and a projector, so I get to work while watching some great flicks. (watching Tank Girl now. See, great flicks!)

First, here is my shoulder piece with a coat of Shell Shock on it. With a little sanding and some paint, I think it will do nicely.


I also got all of the cardboard cut for other armor pieces. I plan on doing the small armor, like the toe guards and finger guards out of leather and painting them to match the coated cardboard.


For the red undershirt I bought this Long Kurta Shirt in red. Going to rip off one sleeve and sew up the bottom so it isn;t so long.

For my gloves, I bought these woman’s motorcycle gloves off of Amazon. Just as I hoped, since they were womans they fit more snugly and were way less bulky. I normally wear a medium sized male glove, and the large of this style fit just fine.

For boots, I am going to use my Son of Sandlar boots, but they will be covered with so much armor, your probably won;t even be able to see them.

Laura made my pants, and I will get pictures soon. They totally rock!

Once I get these armor pieces coated and painted I’ll post more pics!


Video of the finished gauntlet:

Here are some photos from the workshop and Dragoncon2011:


Hawke at Dragoncon 2011:

dragoncon2011_hawke_dragonage 2

And my friend Josh Dressed up as Fenris and found a very big fan – Felicia Day!



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Estimated Time spent on costume:
Debuted at: Dragon 2011

Products used:

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