AradaniCon Scheduling

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Our fully digital Con schedule will be updated as we add guests, panelists, and more!

Friday, April 9th: Noon until Midnight

Friday 2:00 PM Central Time

Opening Ceremonies – Aradani

Join the Aradani Crew as they welcome you to the 2021 Con, and recap what all we have done the last year and what’s coming up this year. Stream


Friday 3:00 PM Central Time

Sculpting in Zbrush – Brian Hulsey

Join Brian as he shows some of his workflow in the newest tool in his arsenal, ZBrush. Follow along through his process of sculpting a figure for 3D printing. Stream


Friday 5:00 PM Central Time

Painting Elf Ears with Sara

Sara hosts a video showing how she paints Aradani Elf Ears. (This is prerecorded and will be premiered at this time)


Friday 8:00 PM Central Time

Painting Elf Ears with Sara – The Outtakes

We end the first day of AradaniCon with pure gold, join us as we enjoy Sara’s out takes while shooting her first ever video.



Saturday, April 10th:  Noon until ?

Saturday 1:00 PM Central Time

Leveling Up Your Cosplay – Bethany Eldridge

Costumes, wigs, and make-up. How to get the most out of your Cosplay. Bethany from Ms Pepper Potts Cosplay will reveal her secrets to making costumes rock. Stream


Saturday 2:00 PM Central Time

Embellishing Your Cosplay – TifaIA
Description: Take your costumes to the next stage with applique, embroidery, painting, weathering, and so much sparkle it would make a Disney Princess cry tears of joy! Learn the tricks of the trade by adding dynamic features to your cosplay to help them stand out. Whether you are a beginner or looking to add more pizazz to your garments, this panel is for you. Link –


Saturday 3:00 PM Central Time

Painting a Latex Mask – Brian Hulsey

Brian is admittedly no great painter but he’s happy to share any knowledge he has gained about painting masks with lifelike depth and realism. Follow along as he splats some paint on an Aradani Mountain Orc Mask. Could be great, could be a sloppy mess. Don’t miss it! Stream


Saturday 4:00 PM Central Time

Painting Mask Armor – Aradani

Hang out with the Aradani Crew as they paint some mask armor. Stream


Saturday 5:00 PM Central Time

Cosplay Positivity – Ginger Oh Snap

Cosplay positivity, or “cospositivity,” is a movement of cosplayers who have decided to fight back against the myth that only perfect physical representations and recreations of characters are welcome in the cosplay world. In this open discussion, we’ll talk about the body positivity movement, inclusion, representation, plus the many facets of bullying in the community and issues surrounding this behavior. Most of all, we’ll talk about how we all can make cosplay and fandom better for every fan –  because cosplay is for everyone. Stream

Saturday 7:00 PM Central Time

Sculpting in Monster Clay – Michael Bielaczyc

Aradani has long used this amazing clay for making the original sculpts for our products. Now hang out with Mike as he sculpts a few examples in Monster Clay. Stream


Saturday 8:00 PM Central Time – Deadline for the Costume Contest

8pm is when we cut off the Showcase of costumes on Discord. We will tally votes, and announce the winners on Sunday. 

How do I join the costume contest? Read the rules here.


Saturday 10:00 PM Central Time – Discord Dance Party

We will be hosting a music room in our Discord and a dance party on Discord! (Password available on our Discord)