April 10-11th, 2020

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How do I attend?

You join us on the facebook event and jump on Discord on April 10th-11th.

How will I be a panelist for AradaniCon?

  1. First you submit an email letting us know your interested in hosting or being on a panel (see form below).
  2. Make sure you are familiar with your computer and how to digitally host or join a streaming platform (we are pushing for youTube, but Twitch also works).
  3. Answer emails when we send them and confirm panels you want to run or contribute to.
  4. You can be on a single panel by yourself, or on shared panels!
  5. You will run the panel on your own platform, whether that is twitch or youtube, but we will all send traffic back to the discord lobby so we can all share the traffic.
  6. We want panels to be live, so people can ask questions as the panel goes on.
  7. Will there be moderator support? Maybe, this is all new to us and we don;t know how much volunteer manpower we will have, but we will do out best!
  8. Yes, you can hawk you wares, push your patreon, or ask for tips, but we request that the panel be instructional and not just a QVC style sales panel for your stuff!

How do I run a Game for AradaniCon?

  • Fill out the form below and show up during your assigned time to run your game!

Anything else you need?

Check out our posting asking for volunteers!