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Archive of panels from 2020

Welcome to AradaniCon and How to Put on your Elf Ears: Michael Bielaczyc and Laura welcome you to the first ever AradaniCon, an all online convention. We will explain how things will work and how to participate. And to get ready for the con, we will also discuss how to put Aradani elf ears on the correct way. We will also cover different types of adhesives, different types of elf ear materials, and make -up. There will also be a live Q&A! 

 Welcome to AradaniCon and how to put on your elf ears 

2:00 PM Central Time

Weaving Scalemaille: Live with Yvonne Williams with a demonstration and QnA of Link: Youtube Weaving Scalemaille

3:00 PM Central Time

Painting with Slucher’s Computer: Join Joe as he does a digital painting, or watches his computer do it all for him. Joe Slucher

Link: Youtube: Painting with Slucher’s Computer

4:00 PM Central Time

Cospositivity: Cosplay positivity, or “cospositivity,” is a movement of cosplayers who have decided to fight back against the myth that only “perfect” physical representations and recreations of characters are welcome in the cosplay world. In this open discussion, we’ll talk about the body positivity movement, the many facets of bullying in the community and the issues surrounding this behavior. Most of all, we’ll talk about how we all can make both cosplay and fandom better for every fan – because cosplay is for everyone. Ginger Oh Snap

5:00 PM Central Time

From synthetic life to engineered star systems, the Science of Star Trek: Picard: Star Trek is renowned for its science fiction vision of what humanity’s future can be. For generations, it’s extended what’s been scientifically or technologically possible and motivated the creation of a large number of real-world technologies that are now everywhere. But what about the science behind the science fiction of Star Trek’s latest (and most futuristic) incarnation, Star Trek: Picard? 

From the Picard maneuver to synthetic life to an engineered octuple star system, here’s the real-life science behind Star Trek: Picard! Ethan Siegel, Dr. Erin MacDonald, Dr. Don Lincoln

6:00 PM Central Time
Dinner with Mars: Have a virtual dinner with Jason Marsden, (Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus, Max Goof from Disney’s A Goofy Movie, and tons more). Laura will be asking him questions submitted by you! Jason Marsden, Laura Bielaczyc

7:00 PM Central Time

How To Make An Award-Winning Painting, From Start To FAILURE To Finish!: Sometimes the learning curve of the creative process is a rollercoaster! In this step-by-step slideshow of the making of “Harvest” (Chesley Award winner, 2019) I discuss the entire process of creating a painting– coming up with the ideas, narrowing down those ideas, taking reference photos, drawing, painting, going down a couple of COMPLETELY wrong turns, re-painting, weeping bitter tears, nearly throwing the thing out the window, but with perseverance, making it work in the end! How do you know when something’s not working? How do you know which well-meaning advice to take? Come see my solutions and bring your own questions! Melissa Gay

Link: Making an award winning painting

8:00 PM Central Time

Cosplay Contests – The Inside Track: Learn how to navigate the changing landscape of cosplay contests and improve your next stage presentation! Find out the answers to some of the biggest questions and discover tips to take your cosplay to the next level from a veteran cosplayer that has experienced it all! TifalA Cosplay

Link: Cospod Youtube 

9:00 PM Central Time

A Drink at the Artist’s Bar: After the art show closes, all the artists always meet up in one place, the bar. Join Todd Lockwood, Paul Bielaczyc, and others while they have a drink, talk art, and enjoy some bar side shenanigans. The panel will take place in Zoom while broadcasting to Youtube for others to stream and be involved in the chat. Todd Lockwood, Paul Bielaczyc, Michael Bielaczyc, Melissa Gay, Christopher Burdett

Link: It will live on, only in our memory.

Saturday, April 11th:  Noon until ?

Noon Central Time

Life as a foam sword fighter: Everyone enjoys a good story! Join us as we tell you about the alternate egos we spend our weekends pretending to be and how being those characters have changed and improved our regular lives. Join to learn about how larp can change your life, and how you can join us each weekend on the battlefield! Nathan Larkin

Link: Life as a foam sword fighter

Live Painting Demo (3 hours) : Follow along with artist Amy Ashbaugh as she brings imaginary things to life with oil paint! A.L. Ashbaugh

Link: A.L. Ashbaugh’s Twitch Channel

1:00 PM Central Time

Making maps in Arkenforge: Join Michael Bielaczyc as he shows you how to make a quick map with the Arkenforge software.

Link: Making Maps in Arkenforge

2:00 PM Central Time

Cosplay 101: Is this your first time at a con and you’re wondering what this strange thing called cosplay is all about? Or have you seen cosplay for a while but aren’t sure how to get started? In this panel, we will discuss the history of cosplay, where to start, tips and tricks for completing your cosplay, and how to survive a convention in it. Plus a few dos and don’ts from an experienced cosplayer’s perspective. There will also be a Q&A segment to make sure all of your burning cosplay questions are answered! Ginger Oh Snap

3:00 PM Central Time

Running an RPG with people who’ve never gamed before: How do you set up a tabletop game that is fun and engaging, while also teaching the rules without overwhelming the players? Ethan Siegel and Michael Bielaczyc discuss.

Link:Running an RPG game

How to find your voice as an artist: A discussion of how to make your art your own. Christopher Burdett, Sam Flegal, Allen Panakal

Youtube Link: How to find your voice as an artist

4:00 PM Central Time

Bottomless Margaritas: Where we have a margarita while not wearing pants.?>?
We’ll be cracking jokes, playing minute to win it games, answering questions, and giving you the secrets behind our stunts. This event is part of AradaniCon happening this Saturday and Sunday with an entire schedule of panels from actors, artists, and professional nerds. Check the comments for more info and how to hang out with us on Discord before the event. Barely Balanced

Link: Barely Balanced FB Live

5:00 PM Central Time

Creating a Magic Card: Join Joe as he makes up a Magic card brief with viewers and then go through how he begins sketching. Joe Slucher

Link: Creating a Magic Card

6:00 PM Central Time

What is Patreon? Why does it exist? Creators talk about the platform and how it is changing the world for creatives everywhere! Allen Panakal, Sam Flegal

Link: What is Patreon

7:00 PM Central Time

AradaniCon Costume Masquerade: Meet up in zoom and check out each others costumes! There will be no judging, just costumes, discussion and fun! We will be giving out discount codes to Aradanicostumes.com during the panel!

8:30 PM Central Time

Digital Dance Party: Aradani is hosting a digital dance party on Discord and Zoom. Zoom will be a tiled video featuring all the dance floors happening. Discord will be hosting the music, and will have other lobbies for chat and voice chat.

Link: Only in our memories.

Dance Party and Zoom sponsored by Jordancon

Gaming Archive

More to come for sure!

Friday April 10th

1 PM Central Time

Call of Cthulhu (SCOOBY-DOO PULP )

Length of Play: 3HR
Number of Players: 5
Platform: DISCORD
Description: Since the dawn of whatever man, keepers of Arcane lore have struggled with the blending of our favorite horror game and our favorite horror cartoon. And one of the most obscure places on Earth was hatched incredible idea the transforming the Scoobies into full pulp Cthulhu characters. The only question is will the ghost really be a fake, this time? Join the adventure as the Scoobies investigate The HAUNTED HOUSE, original grand old classic scenario written for Call of Cthulhu by Sandy PetersenAnita Moore 

5 PM Central Time

Scrap Yard Alpha Preview (d20 Tabletop RPG): Take part in the fight against the wasteland with a new take on Apocalypse Gaming! In the Nuclear Dark Age Demo, players will experience 4 distinct character archetypes, a streamlined action system, and fulfilling survival mechanics.

7 PM Central Time

SagaBorn – Following in the Footsteps: You have been following Gregor Eluiska for months. He has his hands in anything that smacks of the occult in the city of Kowal. Now you have followed him here to a remote place in the Urtgen Forest. What dark sinister things could he be doing in the Eldar ruins deep in the forest?

Watch the show at Sagaborn YouTube

  • A tabletop RPG for 4-6 players.
  • Approximate play time; 3 hours.

2020 Guests


  • Ginger Oh Snap
  • Michael Bielaczyc
  • Paul Bielaczyc
  • Yvonne Williams


  • A.L. Ashbaugh
  • Michael Bielaczyc
  • Paul Bielaczyc
  • Christopher Burdett
  • Sam Flegal
  • Melissa Gay
  • Allen Panakal
  • Joe Slucher


  • Jason Marsden


  • Ethan Siegel


  • Michael Bielaczyc