Aradani Friday – 2-22-13

Mike here with the latest on Aradani Studios

So I have returned from my adventures and things are starting to get back to normal. Well as normal as our lives are.

Two weeks ago I traveled up to the Smooth On head quarters to take their seminar on mold making. I was familiar with many of the products that we used, but they had a ton of side shows with other products that i had not used before. We also got to eat lunch with the tech guys (and gals) and were able to talk shop over pizza and sodas. I wasn’t sure what new things I would learn, but man, it was really worth it. Not only did a learn some new little tricks (like that rubbing alcohol smooths down plasti paste), I really left with a ton of new ideas for products at Aradani. But more on that next week.

As soon as the class was over, I headed out of the frozen tundra of Pennsylvania and headed back home to leave on my honeymoon.

And now I am back at the studio. Nothing to really report on the honeymoon. Hawaii is cool, hiking there is great, beaches are great, and so is seared ahi. 🙂

Next up for us is Connooga, which is in one week! We are bringing all our normal stuff, and Sara just told me we got a shipment of Polish Gas masks which are pretty cool looking. On Saturday night I am planning on wearing my Cyberpunk costume. No one will relly get it, but its cool, has a leather jacket and glowing parts. Plus its comfortable.

We are also getting ready for the Ren Fest season. At the Georgia Renaissance Festival, we are building a booth this year! Its going to be in the same place as we always are, but its going to be a wooden pavilion! Check out the rendering Paul did of it:


We leave for ATL the day after Connooga to head down and start building. Not only does this mean we are out of the rain, but I think people will take notice of a cool little elf building like this. But i know people will still say, “I have been looking for you all day and couldn’t find you anywhere”. Yes because right along the path near the front gate in front of the pub is such a hidden spot!

As for new products, we are working on some new molded plastic props, and I am doing my best to get our friend Brian Hulsey (sculptor of our original Orc masks) to do some more work for us. He has been doing some masks on his own, and he may be sculpting some masks based in World of Uteria that are designed by Sam Flegal!

Well have a good weekend and talk to you next week!

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