Working on the Thorin Armor!

Today I was working in the mold room on a couple of projects that required silicone. I then realized this would be the perfect time to make molds for the Thorin armor plates, since I always have a little silicone left over from each batch. So I grabbed some Monster Clay and started to work! […]

Bilbo Baggins Cosplay Article by JadeKat

We have another wonderful submission from our Sponsored Cosplayer program, this time from a friend from the Ohio Renaissance Festival, JadeKat. She came up to the booth to get a pair of halfling ears to complete her ensemble, and we really thought it was a great take on a classic fantasy character, Bilbo Baggins from […]

Geek Chic Dice Tire Pressure Caps

Just got a chance to post this item to the site, Tire Pressure Caps. These are a little tricky to sell online, since we don’t keep any particular Chessex colors in stock on these items. But if you are interested, just shoot me an email with your color preferences, and I can let you know […]

New ears in the works.

We don’t rest very long around this studio! We have recovered from the rush of Halloween, and Paul and I just returned from a painting retreat with Larry Elmore, so now it is time to make lots of new stuff! This summer we brought out the new Dwarf Ears, and now I am working on […]