New Tshirt Design?

Hey everyone, Mike here. Today over lunch I was thinking about having a design made to go on the back of some of my hoodies and the front of a couple of tshirts. Then I thought that others might like to have this too. So I was wondering if I had this design made, would […]

Now that Halloween is over…

We already miss it! So we were wondering, did you use some of our products in your costumes? Did you get any good pictures? If so, mail them to us! This isn’t a contest and mailing them to us will not change your chances of winning in our 2012 Winter Costume contest, but we would […]

Sorry for the Downtime

Looks like we were down last night for about 8 hours. Danny said someone flooded the server and the server had to be shut down. Since it happened so late, it wasn’t brought back up until this morning. Luckily Danny is our own Acid BurnĀ and we pledged him our first born to get the server […]