Libertycon Con, here we come, and we’re bringing Wizard Staves! – Mike

So we are starting to get all of our art together for Libertycon this weekend! I have a bunch of originals for the art show, Paul has all of his new work, and Sara is sending some of her ceramics! We will be on a few panels, including the Iron Artist competition.

But most importantly, on Saturday night we will be playing Wizard Staves. If you don’t know what that is, read the instructions below. Anyone is welcome to join in, just bring your own canned beer. See you all in Chattanooga in a few days! – Mike

Instruction/Rule book created by Paul Bielaczyc
Click image to enlarge. Rules for the Wizard Staff Drinking Game
Grant and I a couple years back, the first time Wizard Staff graced Libertycon.


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