New Leather Masks for Sale!

So, I know everyone loves a great leather mask. I’ve been trying to come up with something new that Aradani can start producing! These are all hand molded and hand painted! If you are looking to embellish your faun costumes, then the new leather faun mask is perfect! We also have an amazing ram and bunny mask […]

Elena House, singing in our elf ears!

So I am finally catching up after the Georgia Renaissance Festival. It seems simple, drive to a show each weekend and sell elf ears. But when you do it for two months straight, you tend to have a lot of other projects get backed up. Or emails.   So I am finally getting around to website work […]

New Costume from Laura!

Please click here for purchasing info, Queen of the Horselords. People have been asking if Laura can make the base dress for Daenerys Targaryen from Season one of Game of Thrones. The answer is yes! We just posted the base generic dress on our storefront. Click the image below to buy the Queen of the Horselord’s Dress! […]