¬†Hello, I’m looking to make a Wood Elf costume, do you have any tips?


It really depends on the style of wood elf that you want to portray. In the Lord of the Rings (live action movie) a wood elf is really just a noble elf that lives in the woods. In the old Rankin Bass Cartoon, they look was more feral.

Why yes, I am Legolas' dad. Don't you see the resemblance?

Why yes, I am Legolas’ dad. Don’t you see the resemblance?

I think my advice would be to do some searches in Google or on Deviantart for Wood elves, wood elf costumes, ect. Then save a bunch of pictures of different costumes that you really like. Flip through all those pictures when you have collected about 20 and see what they have in common. You will probably find things that they all share that you really like in an elf costume. And start building yours off those shared features.


Sara is also working on a forest elf costume based in my World of Uteria, but it may be a bit before that article is written.





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