A.L. Ashbaugh

Freelance Illustrator and Fine Artist in Atlanta, GA Amy has been friends with Aradani for quite a while, and has worked on Sagaborn with Michael Bielaczyc. https://alashbaugh.com/ Twitch

Allen Panakal

ABOUT Chicago based Illustrator, Allen Panakal, has been brainstorming his creator-owned series the Ancient Ones since 2009. Originally working as a Web and Graphic Designer, Allen began illustrating the series in 2014. Allen’s love for Synthwave and Outrun style, along with his graffiti and graphic arts background have fused together in a style some people […]

Aradani Costume Masquerade

April 10-11th, 2020 Schedule – Discord – Dealer’s Hall – Guests – Gaming – FAQ   Join us for an online Quarantine Masquerade!    Just meet up on Zoom and show off you latest and greatest costumes!

Barely Balanced

  Barely Balanced was created post Big Bang. Well, post post post post post Big Bang in a far away land called “Ohio.”             Three friends at Hocking College decided to combine their daredevil antics and reckless stupidity to create an acrobatic show that would strike fear into the hearts of […]

Christopher Burdett

For over twenty years, Christopher has designed and created monsters for the entertainment industries. Beginning with special makeup effects, he was involved at every level in the production of creature effects for numerous television and film projects, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. Since 2005, Christopher has worked in tabletop gaming, where he […]

Digital Dance Party

April 10-11th, 2020 Schedule – Discord – Dealer’s Hall – Guests – Gaming – FAQ AradaniCon is hosting a digital dance party for all to attend? How does this work? We will be running music in our discord, hosting voice chats and text chats in discord, and providing a live video feed in Zoom that others can join up to! How to get ready. Download […]

Dr. Don Lincoln

Don Lincoln is a particle physicist and science communicator.  By day, he smashes atoms and unlocks the secrets of the universe. By night, he write books and magazine articles for the public about cutting edge science.  He also hosts a successful YouTube channel. (www.drdonlincoln.com)

Dr. Erin MacDonald

Dr Erin Macdonald is an astrophysicist, science fiction consultant (currently for the Star Trek franchise), and host of the online series “Dr Erin Explains the Universe”. Her specialty is in general relativity, having previously worked in the LIGO Scientific Collaboration searching for gravitational waves. She has since found her home in science fiction, consulting with […]