Evram the Satyr

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The Satyrs of Uteria are a private people. They live in small communities deep within the forests of the Eastern Lands of Tiren and Old Aradan. They have not had relations to the other races since the Aradan War, ad rarely even meet between the different tribes.

Evram belonged to the Dernii tribe, which lived in the forested hills in Tiren, near the Swordspyne Mountains. He was in his early teens when they were wiped out by a marauding band of Orovari, raiding from the wastes of Firelake. His family was cut down with the rest of his tribe. Evram was struck across his face, but it was not a killing blow. As he lay in the leaf covered ground, his lifesblood puddling under him, he swore vengeance. He remembers their banner, a hollow black sun on a white field.

Evram in the Midsouthcon 2013 Masquerade

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Dragoncon 2012


Products used:

Faun Pants
Faun Hooves
Faun Satyr Ears
Faun Ears
Satyr -Ram Horns










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