Unicorn Cosplay

Costume by: Lopti

YouTube Makeup Tutorial:  http://youtu.be/0wjvgHPD3tE

Greetings!  I’m Lopti from Some Like It Blue, and today I’d like to tell you about my new Unicorn costume that features a pair of Long Anime Elf Ears from Aradani Studios!  This cosplay is loosely based on Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn, but with my own personal twist added in.  Having previously worked with multiple pairs of elf ears from Aradani, I knew before I even began that I wanted to incorporate a pair into the unicorn costume.  But as any fan of the movie or book would know, Lady Amalthea was magically transformed to appear completely human, as to protect her from the Red Bull.  So rather than recreating the human form of Lady Amalthea that was portrayed in the movie, I decided to design a look that was closer to a humanoid version of the actual unicorn.  It gave me a great excuse to use my Long Anime Elf Ears, and gave me more creative freedom with the costume as a whole.Many of my favorite costumes have sported elf ears from Aradani.  In the past, I’ve used Long Elf Ears for my Drow, Twilight Elf Ears for my night elf, High Elf Ears for a fairy, and Large Anime Elf Ears for a basic woodland elf.  Not to mention the Halfling Ears I have on hand for when I finish my Peregrin Took cosplay!  I simply cannot have enough of these ears.  And unlike many other prosthetics, these ears are simple to apply.  With a dab of spirit gum, they’ll stay secure all day, no matter what conditions you’re in.  Rain, or shine, they’re not budging.  And they look so natural!  It’s shocking how realistic they appear.  Which is exactly why I was set on including a pair in my unicorn look.  Aradani elf ears take any fantasy costume a step further, giving them a touchable, yet mysterious air.  Your eyes almost want to believe that what they’re seeing is real!  And if you let your mind wander, you just might.To achieve the humanoid unicorn appearance, I decided to exchange the classic light purple dress for a more sleek white one.  I purchased three yards of white velvet fabric from JoAnn Fabrics and a Simplicity pattern for a single strap, floor length dress.  It was a basic pattern, but I wanted to keep it simple to express the elegance of the unicorn.  I cut the fabric a little longer in back to create a short train that flowed behind me, giving a graceful appearance to my steps.  For the hair, I purchased a Pure White Arwen Wig from Arda-Wigs and styled it so that the length of the wig fell behind me in loose curls, with small strands hanging in front of the Large Anime Elf Ears to hide the seams.  A white Unicorn Horn Circlet from Firefly Path was added under the wig, with the horn extending from my forehead just in front of the hairline.  The horn made it clear that I was more than just a white elven maiden, but rather a mysterious unicorn in disguise.  And since the unicorn in The Last Unicorn is drawn with feathers on her fetlocks, I added bands of white faux fur fabric around my wrists.  The fabric was cut so that the fur would hang over the bands and fall loosely around my hands.


Makeup is a big part of each of my creations, as I believe that makeup can either make or break a costume.  For this look, I wanted a flawless appearance with a soft, inviting glow.  To begin, I used Mehron’s Celebré Pro HD Make-Up Light 1 as a foundation to cover my freckles, blending it into my skin thoroughly for an even look.  I added Origin’s Silk Screen Refining Powder in Bisque to make my skin appear velvety and soft.  Using Origin’s Fill in the Blanks Eyebrow enhancer, I both darkened and elongated my eyebrows.  For the eyeshadow, I used Mehron’s Metallic Powder in silver, mixing it with their Mixing Liquid for a long lasting metallic effect.  I brushed on just enough to cover the upper lid, then kept the brush to the side for later use.  Physician’s Formula’s eyeliner pen was used to trace along the lashes of my upper lid, and I dusted the outer corner of my lower lid with Origin’s black eyeshadow for a smokey-eyes effect.  And rather than using black mascara on my eyelashes, I used the silver eyeshadow and gently brushed it onto the tips of my lashes.  Mehron’s Diamond Precious Gem Powder was then added under my eyes and on my cheeks, giving a shimmering glow to my entire face.  And to keep the soft, elegant appearance, I decided to stay away from any harsh lipsticks, instead opting for a clear lip-gloss to accentuate the lips.  To top off the entire look, I added silver contact lenses that gave my eyes an ethereal glow.  You can view my makeup tutorial for this specific look, including elf ear application and wig styling, below:

I was able to debut the finished look at my local Renaissance Festival, where Aradani just happened to have a shop set up.  Walking around, I was amazed by how many people stopped me to take pictures and ask about the costume.  I even had a few young children approach me with such a look of awe, they must have believed I’d just walked out of an enchanted forest!  One asked, “Are those your REAL ears?” in a voice of amazement.  Giggling, I knelt down to let her touch and discover for herself.  Upon realizing that they were not, her eyes darted towards her mom, exclaiming, “I want ears too!” with a beaming smile on her face.  I told her mom where she could find the Aradani shop, and merrily went on my way, happy to have brought a smile to their faces.

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One of the main reasons I enjoy cosplay so much is that I love making people happy.  I love seeing their eyes light up when they see something that simply could not exist in our world — I love getting to help people discover items that will enhance their own costumes — I love sharing the joy that is cosplay!  And one thing that is for sure to bring a smile to every face you pass is Aradani Elf Ears!  So thank you, Aradani, for creating such amazing items that bring joy to all who see them.  And thank you for enabling me to bring smiles to countless faces.

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