The Gargoyles of Newcastle

Our friends, Minda and Donald have been performing at the Georgia Renaissance Festival for years and this year we decided we wanted to help them in anyway possible. We started some plans for next year (which includes some new horns for Roxy), and hopefully some gargoyle type ears for Iggy.


All of the actors at Ren Fests bring the show alive for the visitors, especially the children, and the Gargoyles are often listed as the favorites among the kids who visit us at the Aradani Elf booth.

The Story of Roxy and Iggy

Common and Fey Names:

  • Roxanne the Gargoyle, 1st from the left or Roxie
  • Ignias Rockford the 3rd from the left or Iggy
Iggy and Roxie were just regular gargoyles at one time, coming alive only when evil spirits threatened their fair town of Newcastle. That was untill the fairy of the earth sneezed and spilt fairy dust all over Roxie bringing her to life. Do overjoyed Roxanne the gargoyle danced along the wall and threw her arms around her neighbor in joy of being alive unknowingly bringing Iggy yo life as well. From that day forward the gargoyles of Newcastle were spotted throughout the village in festival days.
Photo Credits:
Bo Couch, Brian Clark, Ashleigh Brady Emerson, and Brandy Rigel

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