The Elves of the Witcher, choose the best for your Witcher Elf Ears!

The elves of the Witcher  (Netflix show) come in many skin tones and have many types of elf ears. So witch (see what I did there?) ones do you need for your Witcher costume?

Dara the Elf

We don’t get a very good look at Dara’s elf ears, but I think they look either like a moon elf, or nomad elf ear.

About the Character:

Dara is a young elf boy who befriends Ciri. He saved her from the Nilfgaard soldiers and followed her into the Brokilon Forest.

Filavandrel the Elf King

Filavandrel Witcher Elf king

Filavandrel’s elf ears look like our moon elf ears. Though sadly it looks like they are our moon elf ears applied by someone who doesn’t know how to put them on. There are weird wrinkles in them and they even pointed in different directions. Maybe next season they will invite Aradani to do the ears up right!

About the Character:

Filavandrel aén Fidháil of the Silver Towers was a proud elf who lived in the Blue Mountains near Lower Posada.

Filavandrel was born in the influential elven family called Feleaorns of the White Ships. Aedirn conquered Dol Blathanna and he escaped into the mountains, where he became the leader of Free Elves.


Toruviel Witcher elf

Toruviel’s elf ears look like our wood elf ears. (Bloody nose not required).

About the Character:

Toruviel aep Sihiel is a free elf from Dol Blathanna or the Blue Mountains. Touruviel is a subject of Filavandrel, she is a Scoia’tael member and joined the Vrihedd Brigade.

The Witcher Video Games

If you prefer the video games, check out our article about Iorveth from thew Witcher 2.

As more elves enter the show (hopefully in Season 2), we will keep you up to date on the best Witcher elf ears available.