Star Wars The Old Republic – Smuggler Costume

Starship Captain Kadd Aradan was born on Ord Mantell, living an adventurous, and trouble filled, life until he was old enough for flight academy. He flunked in and out of his classes, but in the end squeeked by with passing grades and great piloting ability. Having a distaste for warfare bought on by the corruption and fighting on his homeworld, he now spends his time running medical supplies and aid to any in the galaxy who need help. His ship, the Aeon Talon was his fathers ship, and with heavy modifications is quite adept at running blockades and withstanding heavy fire. He has an ability to gather loyal friends around him to aid in his humanitarian missions.


Old Republic Scoundrel costume
Captain Kadd Aradan

About the Costume

It is a dream come true. The ability to make a Star Wars Smuggler costume based on my own character rather than doing another Han Solo character (I love him, don;t get me wrong, but there can only be so many Han Solos in the Galaxy… or at a single convention). So the Old Republic is the perfect excuse to jumop in and make my own smuggler.

Bioware has done a great job of costume designs. Some are better designed than other,s but the smuggler line of costumes so far has been pretty great  (I have a level 16 gunslinger and a 17 scoundrel at the moment).

My beginning design is based on the short sleeve jacket with leather accents and a double belted gunbelt.

Just hanging out at the spaceport.

The jacket I am using is a Gray Military coat I ordered from Sportsman’s Guide, but sadly it is no longer available. I have ordered in some slim cotton pants in various colors from Ebay and we will see if  any of those work.


I ordered some “Jedi” boots from Amazon, which I will modify to have more of a smuggler look:

The Smugglers Gunbelt:

So this is based on my characters current belt, with is a double belted leather looking belt. I have sculpted the belt buckles, and they are being cast at the moment. These are pretty rough, I hope to make some more refined ones by Connooga and have them back lit with LEDs.


Chattacon 2012

First run of my character costume went great! Here is the photo of Laura and I in the hallway costume contest:

Old Republic Smuggler and Jedi
Laura and I in our Old Republic costumes.

February 29th, 2012

Here are some updates. I have modded my jacket more. Sewn in the sides to slim it down a bit, trimmed the middle out so it hangs right and added some leather bits and pieces to match the game. I still need to add some little mechanical bits and the computer unit to the back.

So here are a few more screen shots of my character. His costume has changed a bit, but I really liked the Blue Flight jacket he had early in his career.

Only level 12 but still looking smooth.
The Jacket color changed as he leveled, but it was still the same basic design.

Here is a full body shot of my current costume minus my holster, blaster, and gloves.

Old Republic Smuggler

Close up of the belt (which will be available for sale soon)

As a side note, here is a character portrait of my character by Grant Cooley. He is offering portraits for people of their characters over at his website: Star Wars Old Republic Character Portraits.

Photos from Midsouthcon 2012:





Products used with this costume:

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