Pixie Cosplay, X-Men (Marvel Comics)

by Cheryl 

I love the X-Men, but I really wanted to cosplay a character that fit me really well and that was Pixie.  She’s a happy-go-lucky member of team and she is full of fun despite some really bad things happening to her.  I really love cosplaying Pixie.  I wear her a lot for charity events because kids like to see fairies.

Pixie Cosplay

This costume was slightly challenging for me because I had never made a full bodysuit before.  I learned a lot about working with spandex.  I choose a wet look spandex because I wanted it to look slightly leatherish. Sewing spandex to spandex and trying to keep nice straight lines was pretty tough, but I finally pulled it off.  I used the left over yellow spandex for the belt strap and lined it with a heavy duty interfacing. The belt buckle is a foam base covered with worbla and I glued a parachute buckle to the back to hold it together.  The gauntlets are also a foam from worbla. The base boot are galoshes. The additions are foam painted with plastidip. We didn’t use worbla for the full boots because we wanted them to be flexible. The plugs on the ankle are worbla however.  I had a lot of fun making and wearing this costume.  I am not sure if I’ll ever retire it.

Wings provided by Fancy Fairy Wings & Things!Contacts provided by Samhain Contact Lenses

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About Pixie:

Pixie (Megan Gwynn) is a fictional Superhero and “mutant” appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Her mutation grants her pixie-like eyes, colorful wings that allow her to fly, and “pixie dust” which causes hallucinations. After a confrontation with the revived former member of the New Mutants, Magik, she gains the ability to use magic and a magical weapon called the “Souldagger.” Her main use of magic is a massive teleportation spell, which makes her a key asset to various X-Men missions and teams and places her as one of the titles’ primary magic users.
She was first introduced as a student on the Paragons training squad at the Xavier Institute in New X-Men, vol. 2, later joining the New X-Men team, and later graduating to the Uncanny X-Men team. Though only a side character in her initial appearances, she has since become a prominent character in various X-Men titles.