Defiance – Sukar Costume

This year I was honored to work with James Davey on his Sukar costume! He was in contact with me the whole time I was working on the Alien Nomad appliance. I though he would make a good Sukar, but when I met him in person, I realized he would be much more than good, he was perfect!

James and Anie showed up at the booth early on Friday to get their masks early to try out make up and adhesives. On Saturday, they showed up to join our group and came up to the room to have their make-up done by yours truly! They were great to work with and handled the make up chair very well!

Here are photos of me setting up the make up:

I learned a lot. We used Skin Tite this year, which worked, but the edges were not as perfect as I would like. We had some sagging while it dried, and we also had cure inhibition problems. I am going to start using Cabo patch (pros aide and Cabosil) to blend the edges.

And now the final costume:

James Davey as Sukar and Laura Bielaczyc as Irisa.
James Davey as Sukar and Laura Bielaczyc as Irisa.


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