Mask Armor

What is it?

Mask Armor is a resin outer mask meant to give some elven style to your everyday PPE wear. There are two sizes, allowing a perfect fit for almost anyone.

While this is not a replacement for protective masks, it is meant to accentuate the mask you are already wearing.

These masks have been designed by the artists at Aradani Studios, and will be molded, cast, and painted right here in Nashville, TN USA.

Types of Masks

High elf warrior mask

High elves, living in their golden forests are secretive of their culture and guard it fiercely. Their armor and weapons reflect this fierce nature.

High Elf Mask Armor

3d view High Elf Mask Armor
3d view of an unpainted prototype




Wood Elf Scout Mask

Wood elves build among the trees, weaving the wooden boughs with magic to create dwellings. Their armor, clothing, and art is often formed from nature, and this mask is no different.

Wood elf Mask Armor

3d View Mask Armor Wood Elf
3d view of an unpainted prototype



We will have two sizes available, fitting most faces out there. 

Color Choices

If you choose the painted mask level, you can choose from the following colors:

High Elf:

  • Body Color: Red, Blue, Black
  • Teeth: White, Gold, Silver


Wood Elf

  • Body color: Brown, Black, Gray, Mahogany
  • Runework: Gray, Silver, Gold


The Artist

Brian Hulsey

Brian has been a traditional studio artist for over 20 years and has recently branched into the digital realm as well. He has worked with many art forms and materials but is specialized in sculpting in the clay medium. In addition, he has mastered sculpture molding and casting with various materials.

He is a Nashville area native, growing up in Franklin, TN. He attended Watkins College of Art where he met Mike and eventually graduated in 2004 with a Degree in Fine Art with emphasis on Sculpture. He has worked with Aradani Studios on projects and products since college and came on board full time in April of 2019.


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