Paul Bielaczyc

My Story… thus far I have been drawing and whatnot since as long as I can remember.  Any spot in my school notebooks that didn’t have notes were filled with sketches. I drew mostly from the D&D adventures that my brother ran, as well as the fantasy books I was reading. I did a few […]

Princess Zelda

Most popular Elf Ears for Princess Zelda costumes: Anime Elf Ears Code: Anime Elf Ears    Brand: Aradani Studios  $12.00 But which ears should I get! This is one of the most common questions we get at Aradani, as with each new Zelda game, both Link’s and Zelda’s ears change in appearance (and Ganondorf in the […]


Pros Aide Adhesive Code: Pros Adhesive $7.50 Pros Aide is water-based and is extremely susceptible to cold weather (i.e. freezing destroys it), please read the warning below. You can also use this handy forecast map on The Weather Channel website to see projected temperatures for the next 7 days and nights! 1 ounce bottle of the “original” water-based […]


SagaBorn Roleplaying System A simple, story focused D20 OGL system. SagaBorn SRD online tome The SagaBorn Roleplaying System was created as a simplified D20 system for the Dark Return setting. Its goal is to present a system that is simple, streamlined, and efficient. It is meant to encourage more storytelling and epic action rather than browsing through rulebooks and […]

Sam Flegal

  ABOUT Sam is an independent illustrator and co-host of One Fantastic Week, a weekly webshow about self employed fantasy artists. He also teaches and speaks at numerous conventions, colleges, workshops (including The Fantastic Workshop hosted by 1FW), and other events. Some of the topics Sam covers are salesmanship, art, breaking into the game industry, […]

Shannara Elf

So the Elfstones of Shannara season one is over. We have had a few requests for the styles of ear that were in the show, so here is the break down to get you the best ears for your Shannara elf cosplay! Wil Ohmsford – Half Elf – The Heir of Shannara Elf After the […]