Skrull, Titan, and Thanos Costumes

Skrull costume

With Captain Marvel and Spiderman, Far from Home introducing us to the Skrull as  not so villainous aliens, this is going to be a common costume in the upcoming year. To do this, you will need the following products: Alien Titan Chin, Space Ears, Rigid Collodian, and a bald cap. An airbrush machine would not hurt either.

We recommend the Space Elf Ears, but you could also use the high elf or Royal Fae ears.

Skrull costume appliances

Adhere the chin, ears, and edges of the bald cap with spirit gum. Use the collodian to create the Skrull ridges in the face. Collodian won’t work for the bald cap, so you will have to use make-up to create those. After paint yourself green with an airbrush or other make-up, and then use a stipple sponge of purple. Now your Skrull is ready to invade our planet!


Thanos and other Titans

We can cast our Alien chin in purple, so all you would need after that is a deep booming voice, some purple make-up and a rhythm to snap your fingers to (I promise, that should be my last finger snap joke).

Thanos got the thick chin.

Our alien chin, is not as long as Thano’s, but that is so it will fit on your chin. To make a chin as big as his, you would need a full jaw appliance. Or some good CGI.

Rigid Collodian is used for the titan divots along their cheeks, and a bald cap to complete the look. Then you are ready for the convention, and if the elevator is too crowded you can always…


Side Quest:

Aradani’s choice of airbrush.

We often tell people that airbrushing make up is the best way to go. And we hear concerns about the cost of an airbrush. Believe me, we understand. But a cheap airbrush from Harbor Freight can work great for someone who just needs a basic color tone painted over a large part of their body! We bought their kit 7 years ago and are still using this kit for both an airbrush and as a compressor for our pressure pot when we cast resin sculptures!