Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Champion’s Tunic Costume

It’s time for a new Zelda game…
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Another Nintendo system, another Zelda game. Wait, I guess technically we didn’t get a Zelda game for the WiiU. Oh well… The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was just announced as a release game with the Nintendo Switch. I was still under the impression that Breath of the Wild was still TBA, when someone informed me a few days after the pre-sale. So, unfortunately, right now, I am game-less and Switch-less. I have a little over a month to solve that problem.

So to celebrate the release of what looks to be the most epic Zelda game ever, I have decided to start working on a Breath of the Wild Link costume. Aradani is also working on a new style of elf ear just for the occasion. So all you Hylians out there, get ready…

The Oufit

While I am proud of my skills in leatherworking and prop building, I do not, repeat, do not sew. I won’t even say well, or decent. I can’t sew. Our seamstress’s schedule is full at the moment, so I decided to see what I could find available online. I was able to find this pretty complete costume on eBay, and thought I would give it a shot. It scares me what is available from overseas, as there is just no way that you can make something… anything really at these prices. Obviously the “leather” bits are not up to par, but I can handle making my own leather accessories. 

Most likely I will just toss all the leather bits out, I am not even sure if they are worth selling on eBay. I found a great bracer on Etsy, better than I could hand tool by hand (for the price!). I should be able to reuse my Twilight Princess fingerless gloves without question.

And check out the cloak that comes with it. Hopefully it looks in good in person as it does in these photos.


The Shoulder Belts and Waist Belts

These look very similar to the Twilight Princess Shoulder Belts, though the waist belts are a tad different. These should be an easy modification from our current Hero Belts that we offer on the website. 

The waist belts will need some investigating, but with the lengthy trailer that Nintendo just released, I will have plenty of screenshots to investigate.

The Bracer

With all the costumes that I am working on at this time, something intricate or hand tooled will not fit in my schedule. But when you see a well done work of art, sometimes it is worth supporting someone for their talent and time. I found this single Breath of the Wild bracer on Armory Rosa’s Etsy shop. And amazingly, about 5 minutes after placing the order, the owner and artisan, Gabriel, messaged me to say what a fan he is of Aradani Elf Ears. Woot!

The Fallen Master Sword

While scanning for other cosplayers’ takes on this iteration of Link, I came across this great con-friendly Master Sword. Aradani is not able to sell these blades on our website (their size makes shipping cost prohibitive), but we do offer them in person at conventions. I plan on altering one of our foam Master Swords to make something similar. Not sure if we would be able to offer such an alteration at a price people would be happy with. This alter on Etsy runs $185. It is definitely worth it, just that is a good chunk of money.

And that’s where I am right now. Starting to work on the costume, with some great ideas to build off of.

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