Fallout 3 Costume – Reilly’s Rangers

Fallout 3 – Reilly’s Ranger Armor Costume
By Michael Bielaczyc


So I got Fallout 3 for my birthday(2008) and loved it. I think it may be one of the best Video Games of all time. One of the coolest features was the character generator, because I got to make a character that looked so like me my friends all got freaked out when they saw it.

I also decided that I wanted to make a costume based on my favorite armor of the game, the Reilly’s Ranger armor.

So I finally got some good pictures of this costume. It only took one year. I had a working prototype of this costume for Chattacon last year, but had it complete by Dragoncon 09.


I also made Ol’Painless one of my favorite guns in the game. I found a toy gun with bolt action, sanded it down, added some weathering and parts and boom, had the gun made. It was a little small, but in a convention situation, having a gun that is a little smaller is always less painful.

For my Pipboy, I thought it would buy one of the limited edition clocks and mod it, but then I decided to get an old portable TV and take it apart. At Dragoncon I saw people who had taken the Collector’s clock and inserted an iphone so that it had read outs like a Pipboy – which was really cool. I told people I had an older model, a Bentley 35. The on/off knob turned on and off a led flashlight inside my gauntlet and gave my characters read out, which was a transparency print out glued to the inside. I also had a led flashlight meant to go on the brim of a baseball cap, mounted inside my glove so I had a wrist mounted flashlight.

For the armor I went to a local used sports store and got the shoulder pads and shin guards for under $40. A quick spray paint job and some acrylic detailing and the armor was done.

Until next time.

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